Selling your residential, commercial, or industrial property can be a grueling task, obtaining accurate feedback on how prices can vary depending on whether the property is leased or vacant is necessary in order to determine the value of your property. Our sales agents have extensive experience and knowledge in advising owners on the potential variations in property value caused by different lease agreements.

At Oak Tree Real Estate, we encourage owners to come in and share their property portfolio with us so that we can discuss value-added options for your property.

Leasing a specific property space necessitates the use of experienced agents with extensive local and industry knowledge. Our agents have the necessary knowledge, which is critical in providing accurate feedback on commercial, industrial, and residential rates to both tenants and owners. Leasing your property can be an expensive process, especially if it is vacant for an extended period of time, so positive feedback on rates and market movement is critical to making the decision process easier.

Lease documentation can also be a complicated process; at Oak Tree Real Estate, our team has years of experience in making this process as simple as possible. Oak Tree Real Estate has dedicated commercial legal professionals with whom we regularly collaborate and who can provide advice on varying leasing documentation if required.

Property transfers can be a daunting task for a layman, at Oak tree Real Estate we as an experienced and knowledgeable team will ensure that our clients will lawfully transfer a property from one individual to another without any hustle. Our team will undertake proper due diligence of the property documentation, with the help of our legal partners we will insure you would get your tittle deeds on time.

Oak tree Real Estate provides property development services such as land subdivision, our property consultants also provide clients with information regards to the property market. This will help investors and property owners, on how best a particular space or land can be used at its highest best value.

Our property development projects.

  • Makeni Silver Oaks
  • RB Palms

Surveying  is the technique and science of accurately determining the three-dimensional position of points and the distances  between them.

Sometimes it is a legal requiremnent, other times it is necessary to avoid future problems.

A land surveyor creates an accurate graphical depiction of a piece of real estate in centimetres, Metres and degrees.

Obtaining a survey ensures your protection in any real estate transaction.  A survey discloses exactly what portion of property is being purchased and everything on that property

By getting a survey, you can be sure that you know the location of everything on your property.  Using an older survey of the property does not ensure your protection because new improvements may exist which are over the property line

At Oaktree, we Have qualified surveyors with decades of combined experience. These surveyors use the latest equipment. We can survey any property in Zambia.


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